Boffin's invention unites mobile and broadcast TV networks

Telly and Texting in one system?

A chav's dream!

Send a text or a video mesage from your mobile. It pops up on someone's TV! Fantastic! Kids will love this.

A boffin from Sweden has brought Britain's two most powerful influences together. Mats Segertrom has invented a gadget that makes our TVs and mobile phones talk to each other.

It means you can send a text or a picture message from your phone to any TV of your choice. “It could bring generations together,” said inventor Mats Segertstrom, “a youngster who never gets the chance to sees their granny could send a text mesage to them, or a lovely picture, even if they’re on the other side of the world.”

Segerstrom’s invention is called the ippi. It’s not ready for launch yet, but keep watching this space.

It’s a box that picks up mobile phone signals while simultaneously being plugged into your telly. Then you insert a card into your phone. And you’re away.

You can send a text message from your mobile, and it flashes up on screen on your target telly.

Imagine that. At 7:30, when you know granny’s watching Coronoation Street, you can send her a sympathetic text saying “Poor old Vera”. When it pops up on screen, her heart will burst (not lieterall) as she knows you’re thinking of her. If Gran knows how to use the controls, she could send a txt back saying “Thank you Billy. Or is that Susan?”

You could even send her a video. If the ippi system was actually working yet. Which it isn;t. And if video messages actually worked. (Or is it just me?)

Still, bear with me here. Use your imaginations, for god’s sake..

The ippi also does voice messages. Amy Winehouse, for example, might want to record a message saying “Shorry, I won’t be able to shing tonight, Ah’ve got a shlight cold”. The message could then be relayed via her mobile phone, and played on the TV set in the foyer of whichever auditorium she’s not turning up to that night.

The ippi could also have serious business uses, said Segerstrom. Insurance inspectors could send instant verdicts back from, say, the site of the warehouse fire they are studying for signs of fraud. Journalists could use the system to send reports – text, recorded messages or video – back to the newsroom.

Bringing mobiles and TV together creates a network that the Internet can’t match, he says. “Most people see things they want to report when they’re out on the road, not sitting at their desks,” said Sgerstrom, “There’s two billion TVs out there in the world, and almost as many mobiles, so there’s a lot of potential.”

The ippi boxes, when they eventually get launched commercially, should cost around £200. They’re being trialled by carriers in Sweden at the moment.



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Re: Boffin's invention unites mobile and broadcast TV networks
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Re: Boffin's invention unites mobile and broadcast TV networks
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The most common reason to buy something extremely expensive is purely to signal status [url=]east west bayswater mulberry bag[/url] The bodies muscle tissue are exercised with correct technique They've extraordinary in concert with,Retro Jordans plus its fine to utilize your hell outside one couple,Ralph Lauren Outlet nevertheless no requirement to currently have all of the a couple of jeans cost about A hundred dollars [url=][/url] 'Without going into specifics, from people in the industry Over the years, many celebrities from all around the world have been spotted flaunting a Chanel handbag [url=]Beats By Dre[/url] In fact authentic designer handbags are original bags which are refurbished to new like conditions and are sold at discounted rates yeni programlar, Tm Kategoriler, Yeni Eklenenler, Popler Liste, Bedava Programlar, Trke Programlar, Teknoloji Haber, Driver, Tm Programlar, Lime - Wire, Windows Live Messenger, oklu MSN, Win - RAR, NOD32, Avast, Messenger Plus, Nero, Ares, Messenger, Adobe Reader, Kaspersky Anti - Virus, Winamp, Youtube Giri Program, [url=]monster beat head phones[/url] High quality leather takes much more work to produce and lasts much longer than cheaper leather, even when it looks similar at first Generally, Chanel dress designs are expensive as well, which is probably why they're most popular among celebrities [url=]louis vuitton wallet styles[/url] And even more importantly, this metal components studs get offered a great the particular fashionable design of this kind of normally bare carrier, but each definitely harmoniously using the leather I wasn't sure I would be able to find the item I had been lusting after for years: a navy Chanel handbag with the double CCs on the front [url=]Louis Vuitton UK[/url] In order realize habitually the appliance in relation to assure and additionally sheltered a highrise apartment playoff cinema, a good agreement around which usually locker acreage ended up openly being like secondary copy of innumerable people However, Chanel replicas have to be genuine and of substantial good quality [url=]luis vuitton outlet[/url] 25 on the top of list because it is having master pieces, which haven been produced and designed as it is by any other brand on the globe This extremely little known secret on best places buy these online would be to find vintage, discontinued or slightly used Chanel bags on sale [url=]Louis Vuitton Purses[/url] Another method of getting Wholesale apparel prices is to explore the auction sites If I were you, I get a way nicer bag from Macy or even Target (check out their Anya Hindmarch line [url=]authentic louis vuitton outlet uk[/url] You be able to find out your current preferred Prada carrier using horsebit insides, bamboo bedding grips, Gucci monogram cloth as well as classic buckskin lean Bankruptcy attorney las vegas this sort of hand bags together with embroidery along with bead function, which are a good looking emphasize to make both the accessory and also woman transporting the idea stick out [url=]louis vuitton outlet store[/url] This bag has an open exterior envelop compartment on back while it interior has one large zippered compartment and one open envelop compartment both on the same side We often hear the news that the Hollywood super star carried the Chanel bag [url=][/url] You want to make a specific that the porn blocker all your family members system not only can they cut off all of them are porn all over the almost any internet browser imaginable Propecia snatched out it frowned and was, but a cialis were completing generico [url=]cheap louis vuitton handbags uk[/url] Chanel has been recognized as one of the most popular designer apparel companies of the 20th century It can make even a very basic outfit look classy when you add this bag to your look [url=]Louis Vuitton Handbags[/url] Then I scored a vintage Patek Phillippe watch that was missing a couple of emeralds for $75 In the event you the family use a a lot of open boots taking up precious cabinet room, you must have the hottest innovative jogging shoe coordinator developed specifically for shoes: the actual Free standing Running shoe Planner [url=]Louis Vuitton Handbags[/url] Same with handbags, wearing the wrong one and your day will be destroyed 31, 2009 Fashion loversthe world over understand the fun of fine clothing [url=][/url] It seems strange that such a hightech guy would be getting letters in the mail that his rent is past due Seams: Corner stitches should be neat and align on highend bags [url=]christian louboutin uk discount[/url] however, if the prices are one challenge in your case, I strongly suggest to you the superior quality replica Prada Nightfall carriers, that happen to be far inexpensive, still of top quality Try to find these individuals in silks, satins, crepes or very best leathers around colorings this organize or perhaps distinction [url=]Christian Louboutin Pumps[/url] We can smell an odor of spring from some Chanel handbags, such as the orange soft suede calfskin shopping bag, blue green ultra soft flap bag and purple large tote in metallic crackled calfskin Ringer: Breaking down religious stereotypes one blasphemy at a time [url=][/url] Zippers: These closures are often customdesigned for the brand or the bag style

I created a boutique space for her that has classic elements, but it's still ultra feminine," she told usxmv
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In return for red bottoms shoes, Your sweetheart acquired an inspection to suit an adequate amount to stay the financial lending - Unit card account debts which worrisome your lover [url=]Mulberry[/url] In order to save your money, you must choose those colors, which can go with most of your dresses "I sold it all, got a great response from customers and people were telling me that I had a good eye," Iannacone said [url=][/url] Since these sellers don't include the expensive overhead of the supplier retail stores they might sell it at a lot below retail prices which ultimately for you to save money However for easier searching, many people prefer to buy leather purses online [url=][/url] Armani and Ferarri are both about to make grand entrances into the Indian market And what will her inheritor provide for us Chanel Bowling Bag [url=][/url] Chanel is certainly one product which will certainly wants absolutely no arrival The concept is heading and then for some of the best boat insurance policy that your pockets can afford [url=][/url] Canada Goose Parka this time i tinkt it is best quality i seen ever Just like creator apparel, designer handbags are only for the main points [url=]louis vuitton uk handbag sale[/url] She was about to make her film debut in I Capture the Castle, the adaptation of Dodie Smith's classic in which another director, Tim Fywell, took the first leap of faith and cast her in the lead role of Cassandra, Smith's witty, adolescent heroine struggling to cope with the demands of her eccentric family while growing up and coping with the pain of falling in love for the first time Chanel Purses Citronella Training collars tend to be a lot spent on pet owners [url=][/url] If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional Chanel also included a small, soft leather clutch in the collection shown in magenta [url=]louis vuitton purses usa[/url] The classic collection was shown with Chanel's classic suits and dresses Because a replacement pills and pads and alternative treatments are one hundred percent natural, they're secure site in order to jointly [url=]Louis Vuitton[/url] A person can use variety of fabrics to decorate home We are unable to reject its finely built and constructed clutches, replication Chanel Wallets Handbags are recognized for its highquality set pieces [url=][/url] Karl gulag pertaining to this specific which in turn "Boy variety charm" brandnew model, "ms Chanel after using guy under garment knitted textile design and style involving Hat blouse clothing The handbags which are refurbished are basically original designer bags which are collected from the owners who wish to dispose them [url=]louis vuitton outlet official[/url] There is nothing worse than hearing beautiful poetry recited badly It wasn't bad, and I did prefer the slight orange tint to the luminescent white they had become over the winter 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[url=][/url] Det moten boligen til Louis Vuitton ble startet i 1854. Mange ganger kan du vente en periode og se hvordan de fremgang. I denne lanseringen partiet, er en av graffiti samling, Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Speedy 30, revisited i fluoriserende Monogram Graffiti lerret, kanalisering kulturen i nåtiden. Digitaltrykk har gitt bedre muligheter for alle t. [url=]click here[/url] Coppola gikk for langt på funksjonalitet. Den rene skygge, godteri akkurat som konsistens, stødig og er også fylt med unge med fargelegging, er dette Tiffany Paloma Picasso utviklet perle Durant og smykker. Internett og mobil annonsering er for tiden to foretrukne m. (WCBS) en begavet mann Michael (Patrick Wilson) og Kate (Rachelle Lefevre) forene å behandle en klinikk pasient som fikk et dødelig virus. [url=][/url] Ingenting, som designer sier senere i hennes strålende Franco-engelsk, som ville "gjøre folk likemann på deg på gaten". Jeg prøvde å bruke de tingene i Stephen vokabular, og gi samlingen form, silhouette og styling at Stephen ville ha gjort da han var på toppen av spillet hans. Din ex annonser sjanse gjennom hjelp av verdenskjente fotoentusiaster akkurat som Inez suv Lamsweerde og Vinoodh Matadin .. Det er helt forskjellig fra den i monogram canvas som er fylt med LV initialer som om du forteller resten av verden at du bærer en LV bag høyt.

Lagerfeld motives, or else entirely innocent, were simpleygp
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Vintage buyer Lou Robinson, 31, who was joining the bidding, said: "This is the sale of the century, things like Herms and Chanel bags don'thct
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Well, apparently she's not the only one who prefers wardrobe space over other fine things in lifekep
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With the white on the top and the black on the bottom, the bag won't be stained easilydnj
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and Shunsuke is picture perfect (no pun intended)c
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its shape will bring you a sense of slim and slenderqjv
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China and the United Arab Emirates, as well as all over Europecxw
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I created a boutique space for her that has classic elements, but it's still ultra feminine," she told usgde
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We often hear the news that the Hollywood super star carried the Chanel bagxdy
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NBA evpglobal marketing partnerships, said in a statementtdw
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The bag is graceful and practical, intellectual Chanel stylespk
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Earlier this year, BBVA received significant exposure during the 2010 WNBA Finals presented byiai
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According to Sanchez, BBVA's goal is to "recreate that success by providing our customers with a championshiprss
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We can smell an odor of spring from some Chanel handbags, such as the orange soft suede calfskin shopping bagnqz
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As one of the international luxury goods company, Chanel represents one of the most exclusive, elitist and most expensive labels in the designer handbags categoryagj
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In all, this bag assumes a different take on the classic flapcrl
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1m Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbag collection auctioned formrd
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"There are a lot of fakes about, including some very good fakes, but not only are these backed by certificates of authenticityzkf
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Warm sunshine and brilliant colors are naturally on the mind of designers for spring, and as the true signs of the timessuq
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Unlike the conventional square like Chanel bag such as the Chanel Grand shopping tote, the Petite shopping tote and the Chanel Portobello totervi
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Warm sunshine and brilliant colors are naturally on the mind of designers for spring, and as the true signs of the timespro
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We can smell an odor of spring from some Chanel handbags, such as the orange soft suede calfskin shopping bagnpo
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"I feel sorry for the lady who had to sell them, but hopefully she had enjoyment out of themrkz
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illustrating how our official bank strives to be a great teammate and create winning experiences for NBA fansugt
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aka Some Labels Just DON'T GET IT
Posted By LorbWrope 1 November 24, 2013 07:54:33 PM Dette synes at v??re statistisk umuligt. En smule forskning g??r en lang vej, og is??r opm??rksomme shoppere kan samle op p?? salg eller gode tilbud, der kan blive savnet p?? high street.. [url=][b]ugg støvler udsalg[/b][/url]I en tidligere artikel om Deckers Outdoor i slutningen af ?€??€?maj 2012, var jeg p?? udkig efter en god spiller p?? forbrugernes interesser i overskrift udend??rs til sommeren 2012. Det var Deckers 'Teva og Sanuk brands, der imponerede. Desv??rre Teva salget i de f??rste ni m??neder af 2012, har vist sig 4,3% lavere end ??ret f??r. Den samme sammenligning for Sanuk er intetsigende, da Deckers erhvervede brand i juli 2011. Men i tredje kvartal 2012, var Sanuk salget 10,8% h??jere end samme kvartal sidste ??r. For at v??re fair, i tredje kvartal var en succes for Teva s?? godt, og salget steg 23,6%. S?? selvom den udvidede varmt vejr eroderet UGG st??vler salg med 11% hidtil i 2012 er Decker fors??g p?? at diversificere sin sko portef??lje betaler sig. ugg 5825 Disse skjorter havde sorte ??rmer og kraver. P?? forsiden af ?€??€?denne buttonup sommetider havde to pladser p?? toppen og en bred rektangel i bunden. Alle figurer gik lodret. Der var ogs?? skjorter som denne, der ikke var buttonups. De havde den brede rektangel g??r vandret mens de to firkanter gik den vej ogs??. [url=][b][/b][/url]Selvom anvendes til andre form??l i fortiden, sorte b??nd i dag er for det meste bruges i formelle sociale arrangementer. S??rlige lejligheder som bryllupper almindeligvis kr??ve en formel p??kl??dning for m??nd og kvinder. Formelle middage og banketter ogs?? kr??ve deltagerne til at v??re i passende p??kl??dning: sorte smokings og sorte slips for m??nd og floorlength aften kjoler til kvinder. Mange anser det for at v??re respektl??s til v??rten og ??resg??st, hvis denne dresscode ikke f??lges. ugg vinterstøvler Chavez r??dgiver f??rst shopping din egen skab for at se, hvilke stykker kan str??kke eller blive fin til at arbejde med en voksende mave og skiftende krop. [url=][b]ugg vinterstøvler[/b][/url]Oprindelse blandt folkemusik folk i den vestlige del af Sichuan-provinsen, Shu broderi dannede sine egne unikke egenskaber: glat, lyse, p??ne og p??virket af det geografiske milj??, told og kulturer. V??rkerne indarbejdet blomster, blade, dyr, bjerge, floder og menneskelige figurer som deres temaer. I alt er der 122 tilgange i 12 kategorier til v??vning. H??ndv??rk af Shu broderi indeb??rer en kombination af kunst, ??stetik og praktiske anvendelser, som f.eks d??klagene af afsluttes, pudev??r, frakker, skud og sk??rmen d??kker. UGG sko online At v??re i stand til at k??be endnu ??t punkt p?? salg g??r en verden til forskel. Hvis golf tees eller bare golfbolde kommer til en rabat, det er v??rd at penge til at k??be s?? meget som muligt til en lavere pris, s?? du vandt n??dt til at k??be mere senere, n??r ogs??, de er dyrere. [url=][b]ugg[/b][/url]Er det ikke ironisk, at i en verden, hvor befolkningen er over 6000 milliarder st??rk, at finde en soulmate er stadig en kamp for s?? mange? Selv med den teknologi, hvor du er ikke l??ngere begr??nset til perspektiver i din egen by, er der stadig s??dan en enorm m??ngde af singler online og offline p?? udkig efter k??rlighed, og der er et k??mpe udvalg af produkter og serviceydelser til at udfylde dette behov. ugg Cute whitecolored tanga shorts er fantastisk til, s?? dit t??j ikke er for fr??k, mens hvide fishnet str??mpebukser virkelig er en sexet m??de at d??kke op benene.. [url=][b]uggs støvler[/b][/url]Hver gang du refill posen med marengs, male nye striber indeni.. 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